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First and foremost, I’m a husband to a beautiful, intelligent, talented wife. I married very well and am reaping the rewards of doing so. And I’m a dad to the two most amazing, smart, and funny kids. They bring us so much joy. I count my blessings often, but not often enough.


I’m also a teacher and Assistant Principal who has taught for 11 years. I teach a Personal Finance class to 5th and 6th graders at my school, which is very cool. 


My background is in Science and Education. I have undergraduate degrees in Science and Education and a Masters in Education. 


What does that have to do with personal finance? Well, it means I love to teach and lead people to better themselves. It also means I have a lot of experience analyzing complex information and simplifying it so that it’s easier to understand.


I also have a huge side passion for helping people experience freedom with their money.  All my lessons were learned the hard way through personal experience, learning from the successes and failures of myself and others. I’ve officially attended lifeU (I don’t think you ever graduate…until the BIG graduation).


I did once come 4th in a grade 5 Spelling Bee, but I was disqualified for using a dictionary.  That’s probably not relevant as far as my qualifications go.


I use humor, honesty, and hard-won wisdom to focus not just on tools and techniques, but on the behaviors that will inspire your finances.


I’m really glad you took the time to check out my site.  I hope you’ll say hey on Twitter @method_money, Pinterest or on Facebook @methodtoyourmoney.


Thanks again for stopping by – Matt