Matt is available to teach his Master your Money class in a variety of different settings.  In Master your Money, you’ll learn tools, tips, and Jedi mind tricks to spend on what you love, cut what you don’t, and sleep like a baby.  Specifically, you will:

  1. Find out where all your money is going
  2. Build a Master Spending Plan specific to YOUR situation
  3. Get tools that will make it easy to put your plan into action
  4. Put in place methods to ensure that your plan doesn’t go off the rails
  5. Gain confidence working with your money so you don’t feel like you suck
  6. Sleep like a baby (after the class…once you do the work to find financial peace)


To learn more or to book Matt, email matt[at]methodtoyourmoney[dot]com.


Next Class: June 4, 6:30 pm, Sherwood Park Alliance Church

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